View camera via IE browser

View camera via IE browser

Notice: View camera via IE browser


Dear Customer:


If you use Microsoft IE Browser to access your IP camera, you may not be able to download the plug-in file. This is due to our Digital signature being updated. As a result, you can access the camera but not view the video via Microsoft IE Browser. However, you can access the camera and view video normally by using Firefox or Chrome browser.


When this issue happens, you can solve it with one of the following methods:

1. Revert your computer system’s “Date and Time” to a date before August 31th, 2014. You can then download the plug-in file and after it installs you can view video from IE. You can then set your computer to the current date and time.

 2. Download our latest firmware or plug-in file from the Foscam official website to install it.

a) Click here to download plug-in:

For MJPEG and For H.264

b) Check your camera model to download the correct firmware and view the instructions in the pdf file to upgrade your firmware.

MJPEG Series: and H.264 Series

3. Use Firefox or Chrome to access your IP camera. You can download the plug-in file and once it installs you can view video.



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