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Currently there is a high growth in IP video surveillance industry, mainly oriented to provide security solutions for home and small businesses. The IP security market is growing very fast, and we have a great opportunity to grow and benefit new companies that want to offer these products to their end customers.

The IP camera market has grown in recent years by 400% and sales volume is growing every year. We have trusted partners to let them participate in growth in Spain and sharing this great opportunity.

If you are a company selling consumer electronics, computers, or perform activities of electrical and telecommunications, do not hesitate and join us for a prosperous future.

If you're interested, send us your company details and contact telephone and email to widen you'll call for information.

Benefits of dealer FOSCAM

1. Take advantage of a very competitive wholesale price.

Compared to other brands, FOSCAM offers a very competitive price for our partners in order to increase market share in Spain.

2. New very profitable business

AEPGelectronica offers a reasonable margin for distributors to increase sales quickly locally.

3. A complete range of products for your choices

The brand offers models FOSCAM MJPEG, H264, interior, exterior and develops new models each year to expand their options.

4. Forget about Marketing, advertising costs and technical support.

To expand the brand, FOSCAM performs marketing and advertising campaigns around the world, the internet, newspapers, magazines, TV, etc.. Also provide advertising support to distributors, logos, images, for the good use of the brand.

5. Efficient Customer Service

FOSCAM has a technical support center, you can use e-mail, telephone, etc., to solve problems efficiently and guarantee the success of the product. Make use of the Site FAQ, installation guides, documentation, and even downloaded the latest software and firmware updates to upgrade the manufacturer.

6. Strict quality control system

Each product is tested and inspected before delivery to our customers and distributors. The number of failures is very low and therefore prices can significantly improve.

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