Drop Shipping Service

 Want to sell products without having Foscam stock?

Foscam Shop offers delivery service, to the customer. With this system you can market the range of products available on our website and we'll make delivery to the end customer directly, without advertising on our part.

 But, What is Drop Shipping.?

The Drop-Shipping is a service we offer direct delivery to the end customer, the products you sell, FOSCAM brand on its website or in the listing of major online sales platforms. Deliveries of the products are made without any additional information included in shipping. Shop Foscam never come in contact with your customer.

What benefits would arise using this service?

 Using the service, so now.

No expenditures made to maintain stock purchases.

Get wholesale prices on products.

No need to make logistics costs.

No need to make storage costs.

No need to upgrade your stock of goods.

No minimum purchase is required.

The customer will get your order within 48 hours.

Does your service cover the country?

You can offer the product to the Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and the EU, at the same price. The only thing that will change are the shipping costs to countries of the EU.

 How does the logistics?

 Once you submit the order and payment, Shop-Foscam made product delivery to the end customer in 48h. You will get the shipping tracking number.

How is payment made?

You can pay by paypal or bank transfer.

What would be the general conditions of sale?

The general conditions are indicated on our website, without any changes in any of its points.

The after sales are made directly to you. If a client of yours has some sort of problem with a product Foscam, we would treat directly with you to solve the problem.

If you are interested in this service, please ask for more information.




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