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1 - What is called IP camera?

 A network camera, also known as a digital camera or Internet camera, not a webcam, is a new generation digital surveillance camera, capable of transmitting images over the Internet. These cameras do not need to connect to a PC to operate - just a router for internet access IP cameras are gradually replacing traditional analogue CCTV cameras, because of the additional features they offer, such as automatic recording and sending of images if you detects motion, and the ability to see live images at any time, on any PC, anywhere in the world. They can be seen live images on most modern smartphones, and receive email by motion detection. Also can be integrated into a website, live images.

 2 - Where we can use an IP camera?

 IP cameras are usually used in videovigilanciaen greater extent and more increasingly used in marketing directly to show hotel facilities, sports, etc.

 · At home: to display live your home, business, enterprise, the elderly, children or babies, and do it from your work, from your vacation, from anywhere with an Internet connection, or with your mobile ( smartphone).

 · At work: can be used to control your trade points that your view is not enough and does not want to leave without supervision or to see what happens in your chain of shops from home.

 · Companies: to monitor warehouses, parking lots, building sites, property entries

 · Hospitality: restaurants, hotels, or simply to promote these via web

 · Sports areas.

 And not just for monitoring: many municipalities and tourist facilities using IP cameras for future tourists or potential customers can see the facilities or city you are going to visit or how long ago or a monument, and have decided to put cameras so they can be Internet. Etc.

 3 - What are the advantages of using IP cameras compared to traditional CCTV systems?

 ● Remote access: Ability to access from anywhere in the world using internet. A CCTV is a closed system, so we have to be in place to see CCTV pictures even remotely could see them, but you would need very expensive DVRs. Also accessible from phone (smartphone) live images even receive email by motion alarm activation. .

 ● Reduced cost and easy installation: It's cheaper. Install IP cameras is very simple because it uses the LAN or connected directly to the router via wireless (WiFi) or wired (direct cable connection). The Network LAN is what we have at home with our router, or in companies. It would not require expensive and complicated installations of CCTV. No need for additional recording systems, and you could use your any PC.

 ● Flexible Expansion: It is very easy to add more IP cameras to a system, while in a CCTV monitoring systems need to double for system expansion and purchase of IP video server for internet access. In our IP camera system is easier and cheaper. .

 4 - HAVE A CCTV system, how I can integrate my new IP cameras in CCTV?

 You can integrate both systems. It is easy to convert the CCTV system on a system with IP cameras, and for this we need a Video Server (a video server is integrated into an IP camera), to convert our IP Video CCTV

 A video server consists of an analog to digital compression system and processing system (such as an IP camera), then we can connect on one side to a Router ADSL (broadband systems) and on the other to traditional CCTV system, so I can already have CCTV system images over the Internet. In the market there are these external devices for this function analog systems. In our IP cameras, elo system is included and need not extra costs in this regard.

 5 - Do you need to buy and install any software to configure or view their content?

 Our IP cameras do not need to install any software to run. The software built into the IP camera will allow you to perform most routine functions.

 To have more features, you can download the free program officer Foscam IP Camera Client (for Win 7). Also we provide more external software compatible IP cameras, on our download page.

 FOSCAM IP cameras have web server and use any Web browser to display its internal software to any computer in the world (with username and password access) internal software that has all the basic functions to display, move, activate alarms, recording, etc. from any computer in the world.

 For initial setup or recording of images, it is necessary to have a PC, to access the camera through the web browser. With the camera includes a CD with software for mobile Java and initial software for PC and Mac for easy initial installation (network parameters) but then it is not necessary and can be deleted.

 6 - I can use indoor and outdoor cameras?

 The interiors can be exposed to the outside, because they are not prepared to excessive temperatures or rainfall. Could use it occasionally for some event, but always making sure that the weather is not damaged. For outdoor use, we recommend the cameras ready to open, with a degree of protection guaranteed to work. Foscam outdoor cameras available.

 7 - Is it complicated installation and configuration?

 You do not need to have much knowledge of computers for camera settings. Usually our customers install and configure IP cameras without problems following the video tutorial step by step configuration of IP cameras, and with all the information available on the web for the configuration of the cameras.

 Our clients have access to a technical support service, which it may use our contact form, by which receive all the information for proper configuration. If needed, you can hire our services for remote installation and custom support.

 8 - Can I use my mobile to see images or hear the audio?

 FOSCAM IP cameras can be viewed from a mobile which has operating system (Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Symbian).

 You can view live images and you can even hear the sound, but will depend on the application being used and the camera model. You can also use the controls on the camera motion.

 On the Downloads page you will find various programs and applications to manage your camera from your mobile. You must have access to mobile internet or WiFi.

 9 - Use Apple Macintosh. I can? Install and view IP camera on my Mac?

 Since each camera has its web browser, is completely transparent to the camera's PC operating system you use, for initial setup. There is no problem to use a Mac to install and then view images. The CD includes camera detection software for Mac (needed for initial setup) but need not use because we can make use of the web browser on the camera itself. Visit our downloads page where you can find specific software to manage IP cameras from Mac

 Actually, no need to install any software to configure the camera. Only the first time need to know the IP address assigned by the router when connecting the camera to it. You have to enter the menu of the router (using the IP of the gateway) and search a menu similar to "connected devices". Once you know the IP, you can use the Firefox browser (Push mode mode) to access and configure the camera via the internal menu the other options (WiFi, fixed IP, etc..).

 Finally IP camera works autonomously (not need a computer rather than for initial setup). You can access it through any computer in the world, or PC, MAC or other device with an Internet browser.

 10 - Access to a camera. What is privacy from intruders?

 You can only have access to view images and control the camera movement, who you want. There are several levels of security that you can switch on or off at will as desired output images have a strict public or private control:

 * If you connect to the Internet via WiFi connection is encrypted by system security (WEP, WAP or WAP2).

* The fixed Internet address (URL) of camera access is private, unique and you decide. You can make it public if desired.

* Finally, to access the live video or camera control has 3 access levels: User, Operator, and Administrator) with or without a password to your preference.

 Of course you can send images to a public website (respecting privacy legislation in force) to promote your business or service population.

 11 - Can multiple users access to both IP camera?

 Up to 10 users can simultaneously access the camera, if access is through the internal software that has the camera. You can also post the video on a website, and thus could have images in multiaccess

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