1 - Do I need a software to manage my camera?

 FOSCAM IP cameras do not require installing any software as they have the software built by web browser, but if you want to have better control from a specific IP camera management and not from an Internet browser, you can use the free program officer Foscam IP Camera Client for Windows.

 This program will allow you to run custom functions of the camera from an environment with more control and will have some new features regarding browser management.

 Foscam provides this software free of charge and without limitation to its customers. You can get it from our download page

 On the download page there are 2 different versions of this software, although similar in functionality. Each version only allows you to view your IP cameras series:

 * Software for IP cameras MJPEG Series (Model: FI8918W, FI8904W, FI8905W, FI8907W, FI8909W, FI8910W, FI8916W, FI8918E, FI8910E, FI8905E

 * Software for IP Cameras H.264 Series (Models: FI8620, FI9820W, FI9801W, FI9802W).

 * At the moment, is only available in English, both the program and the manual.

 2 - How I can view the images from any computer?

 The images are viewed through a web browser. You can use the one you prefer: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.. although the audio functionality and control of multiple IP cameras simultaneously get with Internet Explorer.

 If you use Internet Explorer, the first access from a computer must perform the configuration once explained in Tutorial Video IP camera setup

 3 - What type of alarms can trigger the camera IP?

 You can enable and disable motion detection IP camera. You can adjust the sensitivity of the detection. In detection mode, the camera can perform various actions:

 * Send an email to one or more email addresses attached images captured.

* Burn video, both locally and remotely (with Internet Explorer).

* Beep alarm by computer, either locally or remotely (with Internet Explorer).

* FTP Upload images (to a Web or FTP storage).

 In these actions alarm, IP cameras have a big advantage over traditional local CCTV systems because, although you can access the camera and destroy, remote recording, sending email or FTP already been made and sent where we have remote recording.

 These actions can be done with one's own internal software IP Camera via web browser. You can perform other more complex actions using external software such as software support for IP cameras listed in the download page where you will also find the official freeware Foscam IP Camera Client (for Windows 7).

 4 - images can be recorded directly to disc in Red (NAS) without a computer?

 It's possible. In most installations, using a computer (local or remote) to record the video from the cameras.

 According to indicate in the computer program, images are recorded on the route that you indicate (folder, USB port, flash drive, etc.)

 It is also possible to use direct recording without computer: There NAS (network drive) marks Synology and Qnap incorporating that function recording video from an IP camera. However, we have FI9821W model which has SD slot (up to 32G) to record directly into the IP camera.

 5 - What is a WiFi connection?. How I can know my wifi is good enough for the IP camera?

 The WiFi connection is the possibility that we have between our router ADSL (broadband) and our IP camera, without using wired. Most of our FOSCAM IP cameras are compatible with existing systems (802.11b/g/N), and supports all common encryption (WEP, WPA and WPA2).

 All models except the FI8620 have cable connection option (Ethernet) or wireless (WiFi). With the camera includes a standard Ethernet network cable is needed for initial setup WiFi connection, then it is not necessary and the camera only need power.

 WiFi range coverage between the router / access point and the cameras, depends on many factors (building local Faraday cages, router antenna, power transmission, ..). In theory 802.11bb/g/N WiFi technology using cameras and open space would be 100 m maximum with antennas and emitters.

 If you want to use the wifi option, before making the purchase, it is necessary that you check the current coverage at the point where you want to install the IP camera, trying to connect to a laptop or mobile router. Remember that if the wifi router or access point is on another floor of the house or apartment, the signal quality decreases, and possibly affect the connection of your camera.

 6 - Are there shortcuts to IP camera functions?

 Using any Internet browser, you can access special features, using the following links. You only have to change the parameters in uppercase for theirs (MICAMARA examples: sunombre.dyndns.org: 210 or

 * Snapshot (handy for use in mobile phone spending low data):


 * Disable the movement each time you restart the camera (so you do not miss the latest guidance you have configured):


 * See the registration of user connections:


 * Change the resolution to 640x480:


 * Change the resolution to 320x240:


 * CGI Generic command for setting the camera to a third party software (video):

http://MICAMARA/videostream.cgi?user=USUARIO&pwd=CONTRASEÑA&resolution =

 * ASF Generic command for setting the camera to a third party software. Allows you to capture video + audio (audio models), for example, with the program VLC:

http://MICAMARA/videostream.asf?user=USUARIO&pwd=CONTRASEÑA&resolution =

 * To set the alarm:


 * To disable the alarm:


 7 - Can only supplying power to the network cable (PoE)?

 The POE power, the injector delivers any active PoE (Power over Ethernet) or if the router has a port with this funcionlidad. This type of feeds used in places where they have multiservice network and do not have power, or management difficult. In order to use cameras with a POE router, you need to put a spliter before the camera to extract food and network signal. Foscam POE versions available. If you are interested in this type of solution, please contact us.

 8 - I can upload images to a website to be viewed live?

 You can embed images on a website, but you must have Web skills. Below we discuss some possibilities:

 * Using the software of the camera, which allows FTP upload images at regular intervals, but only when the alarm is activated motion, not continuously. The names of the generated JPG files are saved with different name and date.

 If you do not have an FTP hosting, you can use a free one that allows you to see the images uploaded by the camera to a motion alarm to a private access website.

 * Using software compatible with Foscam IP cameras including: www.webcamxp.com . With this software can automatically publish frames at regular intervals and set up a JPG file name.

 * The best solution to view images publicly is to use a PHP script that allows the publication of images of the Foscam IP camera on a server or website. PHP can be found on the network with these characteristics. If you are interested in this option, we will send the complete infoermación for your web development is. The operation is as follows, the script asks the camera images every X seconds (configurable time), stores it in the specified web server, PHP file while another is responsible for sending the images to the web. With this option we avoid making requests directly to the camera and not collapse the IP camera or ADSL router for direct requests. In this sense we have to anticipate on our web server, traffic capacity to our website.

 9 - Where I can download software for IP cameras?

 On our downloads page you can download free and compatible software programs. Here you can find the manuals and any use of interest and the official freeware Foscam IP Camera Client (for Windows 7)

 10 - I can record images to video manually and automatically when movement is detected?

 The camera transmits images can be recorded on video files from Internet Explorer or from any of the many compatible programs listed on our Download page

 These video recording operations manual or automatic can be made from any computer (local or remote) from which we connect to the IP camera. This is a great advantage because you can save the images in a remote location, no need to install any software on that location.

 The cameras have no recording medium (hard disk, ..), so the video is saved to a disk (internal or external), USB memory, etc.. a computer. This computer must remain on and the browser (or other software that we installed) accessing the IP camera.

 11 - I can play locally and remotely recorded videos?

 Yes As stated in the previous question (10), you can perform a manual recording on alarm or automatic continuous motion. Video files are saved in the folder you want and automatically organize the date and time of recording.

 The location of the computer doing the recording is indifferent. This computer may be in the same network where the cameras or you can be anywhere in the world (with Internet access).

 To playback the images later there are several possibilities:

 1.Open these video files locally on the computer performing the recording.

 2.Configurar as recording destination folder mapped to a network drive for a folder remotely. Video files are recorded directly in the remote location.

 3.Conduct recording locally or remotely using external software as indicated in our download page where you will also find the official freeware Foscam IP Camera Client (for Windows 7).

 4.Open these video files remotely from any computer in the world with Internet. This freeware can use remote control as www.teamviewer.com or www.logmein.com or use freeware remote synchronization as www.dropbox.com

 5.Setup equipment for remote access of Windows remote desktop and opening the ports on the router (this practice can be dangerous for hacker attacks).

 12 - How much is the continuous recording time, the images on the PC

 Recording capacity is a function of the capacity of the disk where we store the videos. We can take as 1GB/Hora reference, ie a 250G disk can store about 10 days of recording.

 if you want to automatically manage disk space (auto clear when full), would have to install any software as indicated on the download page where you will also find the official freeware Foscam IP Camera Client (for Windows 7). With the internal software that provides IP camera that management can not automatically (have to manually delete the excess video files).

 13 - I can receive an alert on your phone (email, SMS, ..) when the camera detects motion?

 You can receive emails with attached images and SMS (in this case, indirectly).

 Email Alerts: The most useful way to receive alerts on a mobile before a motion detection camera is configured to send emails to a motion alarm. These emails contain attached images captured. Configure mobile then automatically receive this email. To not mix alarm emails with personal emails, the most practical is to create a specific email account as a destination for those alarms (can be a free account like Gmail, Hotmail, etc..). The only cost of this type of advertising would be traffic data, which is variable depending on their wireless carrier.

 Notice by SMS: The camera does not send SMS messages directly, this is a service that would have to hire a company to resend the alert emails generated by the camera to your mobile by SMS. As an example, Movistar. Another option is to use a paid service like Central Alarm Foscam .

 14 - I have dynamic IP. Is it a problem?. I can? Always access the same Web address (URL) private?

 Normally at home is to have a dynamic IP is not a problem to set our IP camera. You can access a single address without a change of its public IP. Foscam IP cameras are supported by the system dynamic IPs DDNS. Even if your ISP changes your IP you can always access the same Internet address through a browser. For example: http://miempresa.dyndns.org:201.

 Important: The service offered by DynDNS, has no relation to electronic AEPG and may change its procedures and policies at any time (usually notice). Normally there will always be a free service of this type, but unless a paid version (usually very cheap) you can never guarantee permanent service.

15 - What is infrared night vision?

Is a function that allows the camera to see in total darkness, through the infrared LED that provides in front.

All models automatically activate when they detect shortages infrared light and in the specific case FI8918W model plus automatic activation can be turned on and off manually, which can be useful in some circumstances (such as night vision behind glass that reflects infrared).

16 - I can see and manage multiple cameras simultaneously?. Even though they are in remote locations?

You can see and operate up to 9 cameras simultaneously on each screen, with the software that has built-in IP camera. These cameras may be on the same local network or in different parts of the world, so you will have the vision and centralized management of multiple locations.

The configuration of this feature is simple following the Installation Video step by step.

You can actually see a lot more than 9 cameras by opening new browser tabs (each tab can have up to 9 cameras). You can see many more cameras simultaneously with the programs listed on our download page where you will also find the official freeware Foscam IP Camera Client (for Windows 7) with which you can view and manage up to 64 cameras simultaneously local or remote.

17 - What is the "Preset" IP Camera FI8918W model?

The function of "Preset" of that movement model is used to store certain orientations (positions) of the camera used often, so you can move the camera to a specific position quickly. Operation and configuration is as follows:

* Check first that in Menu Manager, PTZ Configuration is disabled Disable memories.

* From the Operator Menu move the camera to the first position using the arrow operator menu area.

* Select from the dropdown list of preset position numbers desired position number.

* Click Set to warn the position.

* To go to this position, select the preset position number you want and click Record

18 - How do I set the free VLC for viewing IP cameras?

The free VLC Media Player is a viewer for multiple video formats for viewing the IP camera image without typing each time the user and password.

This program is only a viewer of the images and does not allow any more functionality.

* Download and install the program. VLC.

* Create a text file (TXT) containing the following line:


* Replace URLCAMARA by IP camera if it is on your local network or path DDNS if you are outside your local network, followed both the port that you assigned to the IP camera. Examples: or sunombre.dyndns.org: 210).

* Replace USER and PASSWORD for your user and password.

* Save the TXT file.

* Change the extension TXT by VLC.

* You can open this file VLC whenever you want. VLC program opens directly showing the image of the camera.

With the following ASF generic command can capture video + audio (audio models):

http://URLCAMARA/videostream.asf?user=USUARIO&pwd=CONTRASEÑA&resolution =

19 - What is the function IRCUT?

Technique is a new feature that lets you see certain colors correctly in daylight vision (such as green chlorophyll from plants) while maintaining sensitivity to infrared night camera.

The indoor models FI8909W and FI8918W do not have that function, although this limitation usually does not grant users any problems for regular use indoors, where most of the colors are displayed correctly.

20 - What is the difference between MJPEG and H.264 video?

They are different standards in the compression mode of the video image. Models have two sets of standards:

* IP Camera MJPEG Series (Model: FI8918W, FI8904W, FI8905W, FI8907W, FI8909W, FI8910W, FI8916W, FI8918E, FI8910E, FI8905E).

* Series IP Cameras H.264 (Models: FI8620, FI9820W, FI9801W, FI9802W).

MJPEG is a mode that allows reasonable compression while maintaining high image quality. The recorded video occupies a reasonably small size. The Foscam MJPEG codec has a special high compression rate, unlike other IP cameras.

H.264 is a mode that allows a high compression of the image with minimal loss of quality, especially with images with few motions, which are the most common in video surveillance. This compression causes more data traffic generated has a lower volume and the main advantages are that the occupied bandwidth, the video size on disk and processor load are significantly smaller than MJPEG mode.

21 - Send us your query.



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